Saturday, January 24, 2009

Date Night

I never posted about our trip into the city last weekend for the company party.  We had a great time and it was fun to get dressed up and be in the city even if it was FREEZING cold.  

Our hotel was charming and quaint.  Our room was miniscule, but we didn't care!  It had really nice touches and it reminded us a lot of the hotel we stayed in when we went to Paris.  Pretty quickly after we got to the city we got dressed and went to the party at the Natural History Museum.  After the party was over we went to a bar called Campbell's Apartment, in Grand Central Station, which I loved because it was really old school.  I had a champagne drink that was called a Flapper's Delight that was very tasty.

 The next morning Bryce and I had a breakfast of pastries and croissants (again reminiscent of Paris!) and then headed out to do a bit of shopping, mostly of the window variety!  It was lightly snowing and still very cold but I was super excited to go in Kate's Paperie because products from the store are always used in magazines that I read.

In Lilly Pulitzer they had vintage dresses hanging on a rack that were tagged as to what occasion they were worn to.  I was amazed that the dresses really didn't look that much different than many of her designs today!


  1. What a wonderful date. You look beautiful (even if your not wearing a necklace I made ;))

  2. Great pic of you and Bryce! If only we could have just "popped into the city" with you! I'm way jealous of the snow!

  3. Great time in the city. Great photo. We needed a new one for the mantel.


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