Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Great Dixter Cookbook

Tuesday evening, as a birthday celebration for Gretchen, she and I attended a dinner at one of our favorite little stores.  The evening meal was based on recipes from Aaron Bertelsen's new cookbook, The Great Dixter Cookbook.  Aaron is a gardener and a chef at Great Dixter, one of the the great homes and gardens in the English countryside.  

It was especially wonderful that Aaron was there to sign his cookbooks and partake in the meal.  The meal and evening was very special, though I wished Aaron had spoken more about his experiences gardening at such an iconic garden!  

I'm still reading my way through the cookbook but the recipes served from the book were delicious, yet simple and attainable.  I think the book might be worth getting just for the Kale Pesto recipe alone!  One of the things I love about the book is that along with recipes, he includes notes about planting different vegetables, aspects of working in the garden each season, and basic cornerstones of gardening (tools, watering, etc.).  It seems to be a very practical book in addition to serving up seasonal, and delicious, recipes! 

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