Friday, March 17, 2017

Little Notes

Dear Snow,
Where were you all winter?  Your showing up right as we were all excited for spring sort of threw us for a loop.

Dear Bryce,
I like a guy with style and a good fashion sense, but I'd rather a rugged, outdoorsy type any day.  You fit both nicely.

Dear Grace,
We miss you.  Please come home, Florida can't be that much better than this frozen tundra, can it?

Dear Rosie,
Bryce is so surprised at how I've taken to you.  He says he never would have guessed I"d be a dog person.  I told him I'm a Rosie person.

Dear Harris,
Please don't ever stop being you, you make me laugh.  Hard.  Without you this family might take themselves way too seriously.

Dear Frog's Hollow,
Every time I get frustrated and overwhelmed with you, it makes me feel ever so much better to go for a walk through your woods.  Now, can you talk to the multiflora rose please?  Don't tell it I said so, but it's gotta go.

Dear London,
I can't wait to meet you in a couple of months.


  1. Dear Auntie Anna, I am a very excited baby girl who can't wait to meet everyone!
    Love, Eloise

    1. Dear Eloise, we cannot wait to meet you! Love you already, aunt Anna

  2. Dear London! Are you going to see Harry? Have a great trip!

    1. You can imagine my disappointment Amy, when I learned they are completely sold out! I'm hoping they hold some back to become available closer to the show time!


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