Wednesday, March 15, 2017

LIbrary Shelves

We might not have much furniture in the library but as soon as the walls and floors were done, I was ready to unpack my books and special pieces.  Unpacking them felt like meeting old friends again; there is just something about books that make a room feel like home.

The bookshelves were already in the library when we bought the house, but they seemed to me to be lacking a little something.  Fortunately, I have a father-in-law, who can do just about anything, who made an arch to put at the top of the bookshelf.  I think it made all the difference and I love them!


The previous owner had painted the sides of the bookshelves the wall color but we painted them white so that they stood alone as built in shelves.

My Mom came over and helped me put our things on the shelves.  You might notice that I left space on the shelves as I want to have room to add or change things as time goes on.  I'm not a big lover of buying items to style shelves and I can honestly say that every item on the shelves have some sort of meaning whether it is something the children have made, books or art that we've collected on our travels, or just something that is special to Bryce and I.  I did make room at the top for my old Martha Stewart magazines, dating as far back as 1996.  I don't keep my new magazines but the old ones are like gold!  

That little frog on a lily pad was the topper for Bryce's groom's cake!

We don't have a playroom at this house like we did at the other house as the children have outgrown that need.  Therefore, I put the children's chapter and picture books on these library shelves because I want the children (or any children who might be visiting) to feel free to grab a book and plop on a sofa to read!

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  1. The shelving and floors look fantastic and functional.


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