Monday, March 13, 2017

Library Walls and Floors

The library's walls are painted and the floors are refinished!  I love the way the dark green walls look against the white woodwork!  This room has 7 windows so it gets tons of great light which means the dark green doesn't actually read as dark at all.  I really wish I could get my photos of this room to match how it feels with the new color and lighter floors.

We also had the floors refinished in this room and the foyer.  Most of our downstairs floors are not original to the house, they are old but not that old.  In fact, they actually drive Bryce a little crazy because they have a V groove which he is sure is harboring dust and such from the past 200 years. It was an actual sticking point for him while considering the house!  We ended up going with a lighter stain (Fruitwood) which our floor refinisher said he had never used in his 30 years of refinishing floors!  That made me so nervous but I love how they turned out.  They look like farmhouse floors to me now.  Even Bryce says he likes them better so I consider that a win.  The pictures below are the best examples of the before and after.  They are lighter and less red.

Now I can't wait to get the furniture in...


  1. What a gorgeous room! 2 fireplaces,2 mantles to decorate? so fun! I can't wait to see the furniture too, and the lovely touches I am sure you'll be adding..thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks beautiful!!! I also love the double fireplaces and can't wait to see how you decorate them.


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