Sunday, November 15, 2015

Harry Potter Party - Part 2

After our epic game of Quidditch, the boys all came to the "great hall" for a feast!  Harris requested the same food that we had for our dinner and a movie night so all of the recipes for the food we served came from the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, with the exception of the Rotisserie Chicken.  This feast was easy enough that with a little bit of pre party prep and with the help of some house elves (Grace and my Mom), I was able to make everything during the party without feeling like I missed anything; it was like magic!

As soon as the boys had all eaten their fill they rushed back out to continue playing Quidditch before we served cake.  Since Harry's 18th birthday cake was a snitch, and our party had a bit of a Quidditch theme, we made a snitch cake for Harris!  The movable wings were made out of gold vellum and attached to coat hanger wire.  

After cake, the boys were invited to visit the Honeydukes cart.  About a week before the party, I happened to come across this great green cart on the side of the road with a sign that said "free".  I grabbed it knowing that it would work perfectly for the party.  It had lots of paint on it but with some elbow grease (thank you Bryce) it cleaned up beautifully!

It was terribly convenient that we had just visited Honeydukes at Universal Studios where I was allowed to take some candy bags for the boys!  The Honeydukes cart had chocolate frogs, gummi frogs, candy pumpkins, Dumbledore's favorite Lemon Drops and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.  The boys filled up on candy to take home and also had some Butter Beer!

I also want to mention the wands that Harris and I made.  I knew that some of the boys might bring wands that they already owned, but I also wanted wand options for those boys that didn't have one. Harris and I made wands using this as a guide.  They were so easy and they looked amazingly good! Also, they didn't cost a thing as we already had everything on hand (our favorite sushi place was happy to give us some chopsticks).

It was such a fun party and I'm so very glad that we got an opportunity to make one of our very favorite books come alive!


  1. So fabulous Anna! I'm so glad that you got to enjoy this wonderful day - and that you included such sweet friends in it too!

  2. We so enjoyed the descriptions and photos - every one! It was difficult not being there for all the fun and excitement. Those wands are perfect, and I am curious to know what materials you used as they look so authentic! There are actually reflections in the vintage kitchen/TV cart! That snitch is brilliant. At least to me. I've never seen one up close. Could Harris' smile get any bigger?! A party to remember always!


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