Thursday, November 12, 2015

Harry Potter Party- Part 1

When Harris first mentioned that he wanted a Harry Potter birthday party, I was thrilled as it's one of my favorite books.  However, it quickly got a little overwhelming as there is so much that can be done for that theme!   I felt it would be best if I narrowed the focus down instead of trying to fit everything in, so keeping in mind that these were very active 10 and 11 year old boys, I decided that a game of Quidditch,  potions and a celebratory feast would keep them engaged and happy.

We started with a class of Potions.  This was perfect for Harris as he loves experiments!  I actually borrowed the ideas for the potions from this website as I see no reason to reinvent the wheel (though we did change the name of a few ingredients).  The children made the Exploding Filibusters, Dancing Unicorn Milk and the Exploding Elixer.  Harris will choose anything with the word exploding in it!

After potions lessons, it was time for a game of Quidditch.  I got the boys all Quidditich "jerseys" that they wore during the lesson and took home as the favor.  I had really played around with the idea of getting inexpensive Quidditch robes on an after Halloween sale, but ultimately didn't want to spend money on something that would most likely only be worn once, and frankly, at 11 I wasn't sure that all the boys would want to don a robe!   I figured that the t-shirts could and would be worn again! The boys all seemed to love the idea and happily wore the t-shirts!  Luckily, I was able to find them very inexpensively here.

As the Quidditch game was the main focus of the party, we put some time and thought in to how we would play.  Harris and Bryce made the Quidditch hoops out of hula hoops and metal rods (that we just happened to have).  Harris covered each hula hoop with duct tape to more closely resemble the metal hoops and they looked wonderful!  Also, while we were at Harry Potter World we bought a Quaffle as a birthday gift and found two small nerf balls to stand in as bludgers.  Harris printed out rules for the game and I read them aloud before we started.  The group was divided into teams and they made a plan before the ball was thrown in the air to start the game.

You guys, I never, ever expected such an epic Quidditch match.  These boys took no prisoners and were super intense and serious about the game!  Truly, it was something to behold!

Perhaps the most spectacular part of the game was the arrival of the snitch!  Harris and Bryce, after brainstorming how to incorporate the snitch, decided to fly the snitch in on Harris' drone!  It was amazing and super fun!

Next,  I'll post about the Feast, Cake and a few more details...


  1. That sounds like such a fun party! As the mother of a 9 year old boy, I anxiously await the remaining details!

  2. SO. MUCH. FUN. And by that I mean the kids getting to experience it AND you creating it!!! xoxo

  3. Wow! Just wow! Great job! Love the snitch... I bet the boys were blown away!


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