Monday, November 9, 2015

A Harry Potter Birthday Invitation

This weekend, Harris celebrated his 11th birthday with a Harry Potter party- it seemed very fitting since Harry himself learns that he is a wizard on his 11th birthday!  Several weeks ago, owls were delivered to friends with their official acceptance to Hogwarts!

The idea for helium balloon owls was not my own, it's all over Pinterest, but I just love how they turned out.  Bryce drew owl faces on each of the balloons and I put together the scrolled invitation.

I tried to keep the wording as close to what was used in Harry's acceptance letter, changing details to suit the party, with the exception of school supplies. I added a note about the feast so that I could squeeze Harris' name in there and the reason for the party!  I also made sure to include whatever floor the boys slept on.  I happened to have the scroll paper so that worked out perfectly.  

We even put a wax seal on for authenticity!

As Harris and I went around to deliver the owls, two escaped from the car and got stuck in trees!  At the time this wasn't funny to me, but in retrospect I find it hilarious and ironic that the owls flew away to perch in trees!  I hope a young Harry Potter fan found them!


  1. This is so brilliant! I love every detail - and it was as much fun for the boys who received them as it was for Harris to deliver! Can't wait for more pictures!!

  2. Adorable!!! A perfect invite for a Harry Potter party.

  3. People that watch the blog but don't comment have been amazed at the perfection of those owls. Just think of the smiles that were the result of the ones in the trees. You all are a great party team!


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