Thursday, November 5, 2015

Master Gardener

Last September, I embarked upon becoming a Master Gardener through our county extension.  The Master Gardener program was begun as a "volunteer program to train individuals in the art and science of gardening," with the end goal of advising and educating the public.  The Master Gardening program is associated with a University and is taken through a county extension office.

In order to complete the program, you must attend a lecture each week from September until March (20 lectures coming in around 70 hours all told) and complete 60 hours of volunteer work on the helpline (30 hours), compost (5 hours) and other (25 hours).  It took a year to complete, but last night I graduated with the rest of my class (6 of my classmates did not complete the program)!

I learned so much during the course of the year, but I mostly learned how very much I don't know! The course is very technical and I now have been exposed to more about soil, turf, pests and plant disease than I will ever be able to remember!

Our graduation last night was a lovely dinner and ceremony where we received a certificate and our permanent name badge.  My favorite thing of the night however was the little sign Grace made me.  It reads, "Congrassulations Mum on becoming a Master Gardener!  I love you to the garden and back."  Pretty clever I think!


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