Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Weekend

This weekend was so very full!  We started off on Friday with a potluck celebration with Grace's class as they finished up 6th grade.  It's hard to believe that her first year of "middle school" is over, but she has grown so much (figuratively and literally 4 inches!) and we are so proud of her.  Friday evening we went out to a local tavern to enjoy a Father's Day meal together before Grace left for Colorado.

Very early Saturday morning Bryce took Grace to the airport as she embarked on a flight to Colorado to attend camp and visit her Grandparents.  By herself.  She was so excited to go on this adventure and we are so proud of her for being so brave and independent.

Saturday evening, Bryce and Harris attended a rocket launch Boy Scout event that was followed by a cookout and campout.  I stayed home, built a fire on the porch and read, Gone With the Wind.

On Saturday, Father's Day, we had a very fun afternoon and evening at the pool with some of our very favorite families.  It was the perfect ending to a great weekend!


  1. May I ask about Bryce's "Dad" shirt? I ordered one for my husband just like that from Pamela Fugate designs a month ago. I received an order confirmation and my credit card has been charged, but the shirt has never arrived. I have emailed the company a few times, but have not received any responses. Did you happen to order from the same company? If so, did you have any problems with delivery? Thanks!

  2. Amy- That is so terrible and so very frustrating! I ordered Bryce's through CafePress and had no issues at all. It arrived quickly and is good quality.

    Sorry that you've had problem and what a disappointment that it wasn't there for Father's Day!


  3. We have it on authority that he is one terrific dad! Love the photos and the shirt!


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