Wednesday, June 18, 2014

An Open Pantry

I love our house and there are really only a few things I would add or change about it if I could.  One of those things would be to add a large pantry- or really any pantry at all!  Of and on I've tried different set- ups in the kitchen trying to figure out how it's best to keep our pantry staples organized, but recently I had a eureka moment where I realized I could have an open pantry in the kitchen where our bulletin board has always hung.

I already stored our dry goods in Le Parfait jars and Weck jars, which I think lends themselves beautifully to both display and function!  It's also super convenient to have some of my canned items on the shelf so that I don't forget to use them!

I really, really wanted marble shelves since I felt like they would continue the look I already have going on in my kitchen.  The only challenge was that they are each 39 pounds without anything on them!  We used the very best fasteners we could find (they are deck screws) and each one is solidly in a stud.  My father-in-law, who helped install them, says that they are so solid we could hang on them which, of course, gives me peace of mind that nothing is going to come crashing down!  I also really love the brackets that we used.  I think they look simple and classic.

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