Monday, June 9, 2014

Class Trip 2014

Every year, each class at Waldorf takes a class trip.  Some years the trip is set (3rd grade is always a farm trip) and sometimes the trip varies according to what the class has studied that year or what the teacher deems a good idea for his/her students.  This year, Grace's teacher suggested that they visit her home in New Hampshire (our town is not her permanent home)!  Almost without exception, anyone I tell this too has the same reaction which involves surprise, genuine puzzlement and frankly, wariness. However, I knew from the moment I learned about the trip that it would be truly special and exciting for Grace, who simply loves her teacher.

After all, how often does a student get to visit her teacher's beloved home?  Bryce was asked if he could chaperone and I'm honestly not sure who had the better time - Bryce or Grace.  The trip was a rousing success and one that I don't believe any of the children will soon forget because eating (delicious) meals around your teacher's table makes for some magical moments, even if the children don't realize it.  Bryce really enjoyed getting to know the children better and genuinely loved spending time with each of them.  He considers Grace truly blessed to be surrounded every day by such an interesting group of people.

They were gone for five days and in that time they hiked Pitcher Mountain - where a serious game of capture the flag ensued, toured the Badger Company, made their own pizzas at a former student's bakery, took the Cog Railway to the top of Mt. Washington and hiked the Flume Gorge.

I didn't hear from Bryce very often but my favorite text from him went thus...

Me: Were there enough cookies? (I had made cookies and was worried there weren't enough)

Bryce: Plenty of cookies.  Had them while Signe read from The Fellowship of the Ring.  Dinner was good.  Mac and cheese from scratch with garlic buttered broccoli.

Because really, how awesome is it that in 6th grade these students are sitting around eating cookies while their teacher reads to them?!


  1. Love, love, love this! To me, this is what education is all about. Bless Grace's teacher!

  2. Wow! That looks, and sounds, like an exceptional class trip! I wish every child, including my son, could have an opportunity like this.

  3. How wonderful! You are so blessed to have that school near you!


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