Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Tennis Gathering

This spring, Gretchen and I co-captained a USTA tennis team.  When we were asked to captain we considered saying no because we had absolutely no experience and had only actually played on a team once before.  However, we wanted to be able to play doubles together so we agreed knowing that our tennis facility would help as much as they could.  It's been such a wonderful experience and really lovely getting to know our teammates (many of whom we didn't know).  And those doubles matches?  We haven't played together once since we were needed to play singles!

To celebrate our season, Gretchen and I hosted a little gathering for our team.  Everyone brought something to munch on and we provided the cocktails.  Our drink of the night was a Pimms Cup as a nod to the official drink of Wimbledon!  I'd never had a Pimms Cup and was surprised at how good it was!  Plus, we decided the addition of the cucumber spear made it healthy.

I also made tennis ball cupcakes and I just love how cute they are!  The tennis ball is actually a gumball and  they really couldn't have been simpler to make.  I also discovered how handy it is to have a giant tip to pipe out the icing.  I've always wondered how people got that ball of icing on the top and now I know.

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  1. Really like those tennis ball cupcakes! The Pimms Cup looks refreshing. What good items to serve. Why didn't I think to watch you play! Hopefully next year.


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