Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In the Garden

I have loved watching our garden grow and find myself wandering amongst the beds several times a day looking for new emerging plants, to check that my snap peas are finding something to grab on to and to find relief in the knowledge that deer/rabbits have not munched on the greens!

When deciding what to plant we steered away from items that we get a lot of at our CSA and instead planted vegetables we enjoy but don't get any (or much of) at the farm.  Also, I wanted to squeeze in some yellow squash but the size of the garden doesn't really allow that as I'm told they get quite large and in charge.

Inside the raised beds are where the vegetables have been planted and on the perimeter are flowers for cutting.  Also, I stuck a few more herbs in the perimeter but my main herb area is still by the kitchen door.  By each gate area (which we will hopefully decide on soon!) are my favorite lavender plants.

With the exception of tomato plants and the sugar snap peas, the vegetables were planted by seed.  Most of the items have come up except the peppers of which there are indeed two lonely sprouts but I'm unsure if they are a pepper plant or a weed!  Ha!

The Dahlias were bought as tubers and the zinnias as little plants.  I've had success in the past with zinnias from seed but our local nursery had a sale and I couldn't resist buying them already started.  They are growing like crazy and a few already have blooms about to pop!

Vegetables and Flowers Planted

Beets (Chioggia)
Bean (Kentucky Wonder and )
Radish (French Breakfast)
Bean (Mix)
Green Peas (Sugar Ann Snap Pea)
Sweet Pepper (Carnival Hybrid Mix)
Onion (Evergreen Long White Bunching)
Cucumber (Bush Champion)
Carrot (Danver Half Long)
2 Brandywine Tomatos
2 Sun Sugar Tomatos
1 Husky Cherry Red Tomato
2 Coneflowers
1 Black Eyed Susan
Flat Leaf Parsley
2 Delphiniums
1 Hollyhock
1 Pink Lemonade Blueberry
1 Blueberry
4 Hidcote Lavender

Also?  The roses are blooming and they are spectacular...


  1. Your backyard is like a botanical garden...I would pay to visit it! :)

  2. Love love love! I love how everything looks so green. We recently took a trip to the Cape and I was in awe how green everything is! In colorado everything is shades of browns with some green mixed in. Lovely garden!


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