Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Last night was the rather anti-climatic end to a really fun baseball season for Harris.  After a nail biting and exciting game, in which the team unexpectedly advanced in the playoffs, on Saturday, the boys just sort of fizzled in last nights game.  I suppose it's a life lesson- you win some, you lose some.

Once again, Harris really enjoyed playing and we really enjoyed watching him!  He has found a love for pitching which makes me a nervous wreck at times, but he likes to be "in" the game and active.

Regardless of his playing, I've also enjoyed Harris grow as a teammate and a good sportsman.  The moments where I'm proudest of him aren't the ones where he strikes a player out, makes a great hit, or a tough play at first.  It's when he doesn't know I'm watching and he congratulates an opponent on a good hit, asks a player if they are ok after getting hit by the ball or yells encouraging words to another player.  Or it's when he walks multiple players while pitching, strikes out, or misses a throw at first and he doesn't fall apart, blame other people or give up on the game.  Those are the moments that make me proud of the player that he is becoming.

P.S.  I was hoarse after the game on Saturday.  I'm a little afraid that I could easily become "that Mom."  Harris actually asked me early in the season to not yell out his name while he was pitching.  Yep, he sure did.

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