Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Two Vintage Things

We had family pictures taken yesterday.  I haven't been feeling great about how I've looked lately (do you ever get in those places?) but I'm hoping that we got some good shots.  Besides, it's not about me and how I look, it's more about capturing our family in this moment in time.   I might not have felt great about my hair, etc., but I sure did love the dress I wore.  It's a vintage dress that I got on Etsy and the hot pink made me happy!  Also, a friend recently got me this hook that I hung up in my "dressing area" in the bathroom.  I just love it and I appreciate that when she spotted it in the antique store she thought of me!


  1. Ohhh what a lovely dress!!!!! I can't wait to see your pictures!!!!! Are you going to use them for your Christmas card?! Xoxox!

  2. I've told you before...and I must have amazing taste...and talent for finding the coolest things! love the dress!


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