Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Backpacking Trip with Dad

Grace started school yesterday!  Of course, I'll soon share pictures of both the children's first days (Harris isn't until Friday!) but first I want to share how Grace ended her summer.

She and her Dad went on a backpacking trip- her first one ever!  She was so excited prior to leaving and in fact it was like Christmas had arrived in August.  I believe her excitement was a mixture of adventuring, doing something so "grown up" and, most importantly, spending one on one time with her Dad.

Her pack was heavy!  I can't believe that she climbed and hiked so far with this pack on her back (10 miles).

The night before she left I stitched this patch on her pack as a surprise.  One of her idols/heroes is John Muir so I thought it would be special to commemorate her first backpacking trip with a special patch.

By all accounts these two had a great time together and had a few funny stories to tell (Grace fell off of a bridge and a bear fell out of a tree close to them!).  But what I'm absolutely sure will stay with Grace is the time that she spent with her Dad out in the woods!


  1. I love popping onto your blog. Your philosophy of parenting shines through in each post. What a great adventure for Grace.

  2. What a great adventure! I cannot wait for the boys to get old enough for big outdoor treks.

  3. That is SOME campfire ring ! Is that THE log bridge ? What a great dad and what a special time for Grace and him together.


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