Wednesday, September 11, 2013

General Store Paper Dispenser + String

Last Christmas, I wrapped many of our gifts in Kraft paper and loved the ease, simpleness and classic look of it. It also covers all sorts of other uses as well; table runner, banner maker, book coverer, etc.

I've always been charmed by old general store paper dispensers and thought it would be great to have one and let that be our wrapping paper of choice.  However, once I started looking I discovered that these dispensers command a lot of money, especially ones in nice condition!  After a couple of months of sporadically checking on Ebay, I finally found one that looked pretty good except that it was missing its base.  This was not a problem since Bryce was willing to make me one.  He sure is handy like that!

I also had my heart set on having a vintage/antique string dispenser, but was astounded at how much they go for, and I simply could not bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on a string dispenser!  As luck would have it, I came upon this replica that was a mere $25 and it even came with a little pair of scissors.  Score!


  1. How handy! I love the look of craft paper and twine... so simple and pretty.

  2. WOW! someday it's my dream to tour your home. I'm sure I'd be WOWED at every corner!

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