Friday, September 20, 2013


When Grace was born I bought Bryce a pocket watch with the words inscribed, "Thank you for Grace" on the back.  I really wanted to give him something that would commemorate our first born and something that he would eventually pass down to her.  We have it in a little glass case since it's so pretty but he does actually use it on occasion.  Grace loves checking in with us about the pocket watch and often asks, "So I get to keep it someday?"  She already treasures it!

When Harris was born, I bought Bryce a watch with the words, "Thank you for Harris" inscribed on the back.  Again, with the hope that someday the watch will be passed down to Harris.  

More recently, I was going through some things in my closet and came upon this gorgeous ring that once belonged to my Grandmother.  It's a rather funny thing but I've always loved vintage rings and yet never gave a thought to this beauty that my Mom gave me to keep safe for Grace one day!  I've started wearing it on occasion because I love it and because I think heirlooms should be used and loved.  

I have a few other things that have been given to me from past generations, china and silver come to mind, but I also dream that we will have heirlooms to pass down to the children that they will treasure and love.  I suppose time will tell what those items will be*.  Also, I don't think that something has to be expensive or worth a lot to be an heirloom.  My sister has a cast iron biscuit pan that I think of with envy (Delita is the biscuit maker) that was once our Grandmothers!  It's a true treasure and heirloom but probably not worth a lot monetarily wise.

*I'm hoping that my trench coat will be one of them!  I would love to have some clothing items of my Moms or Grandmothers!


  1. Such lovely ideas. I'm sure your children will cherish these and other things that we can never imagine.

  2. Perfect!!! Mark would be all jeweled up! :)

  3. Lovely ideas indeed. Might as well start building a collection which I could also pass to my future kids. :)


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