Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to School Dinner

A note: as I was uploading these photos I was a bit discouraged at how bad they were (dark, not very well laid out, etc.) but then I remembered this is our real life and not a styled shoot!  It would be a bit silly of me to make everyone wait for stretches of time while I got shots of the table and who really wants to eat cold alphabet soup?

Last night we had our annual Back to School Dinner!

Alphabet Soup with Rosemary Meatballs
Lettered Dinner Rolls
Notebook Paper Cake
Milk with pencil straws

A yellow straw + a bit of duck tape + a starburst shaped like an eraser was cute with our milk and went well with the notebook cake.  

As you can tell, I decorated this cake in about 10 minutes flat.  We didn't have straight lines but nobody seemed to care!

We also discussed our goals for the new school year.  Grace is working toward learning how to read sheet music and really working hard at Math.  Harris would like to meet someone new and write more often.  


  1. Those milk bottles and notebook cake are tops to begin the school year. Gotta love it.


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