Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Adventure a Day

We are getting ready to do a bit of an update in Grace's room.  She's needed a new mattress for ages and she's grown out of some of the decorative bits in her room.  It's time for her room to grow up a little, just as she has!  We are still at the beginning of figuring out what to do, but we have purchased this little poster to get framed and hang in her room.  It strikes just the right balance of whimsy and fun without being too cutesy.  And it's a perfect fit for my adventure loving girl!

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  1. I don't know why I got a little teary when your post talked about Grace growing up? I don't know if it's because Brooke and Chelsea are growing up too..and on their way to being Beautiful Young Women...or if it's because I'm still in the stage of mom with many young kids...and I have loved our friendship..and wonder if it will slowly fade as you transition to all things beautiful and I remain with messy? Who knows? But I love the mom that you are...and I have had so much fun watching your two as they grow to be everything you are and more! ;) I love the poster!!! it's perfect!


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