Monday, August 5, 2013

Terra Cotta Pots

I really favor using terra cotta pots in my yard for planters.  I love that they are readily available and relatively cheap.  But what I love about them most of all is the aged look they get after a couple of years spent outside.  However, that character sure does take a long time to develop!

Recently, I've tried to speed along the process by using the yogurt method and whereas the results are fine, I wish that I had applied the yogurt with a bit more care!  I didn't realize that every swoop and swirl would show.  My next project is going to be to let the pots sit in water in a sunny spot so that algae can develop because I think I prefer that look.  Of course, the pots that are already in use will just have to develop their character all on their own.  Which is, of course, the best look of all!


  1. Terra Cotta pots are the best! I like them because you seldom overwater as the pots don't trap moisture but 'breathe'. And I like that they are natural material. Surely plants are more comfortable in them, and we all love healthy plants.

  2. I didn't know you could force age terra cotta pots! Good to know!


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