Friday, August 23, 2013

Popcorn Cupcakes

While Blake and Lana were here we watched a movie on the lawn, which is always so fun.  Of course, due to Harris' EE allergy we cannot have *popcorn, but I thought it would be a treat to have sweet popcorn instead!  These cupcakes were so easy and quick to put together (I made chocolate cupcakes because it's a one bowl recipe) and turned out absolutely adorable.

To make the small marshmallows look like kernels of popcorn, you simply twist the marshmallow and then pile them high on an iced cupcake.  After a google search, I found a free printable for the bottom of the cupcakes which I just cut out and tapped on.

We watched Goonies which is a classic children's film.  I was, however, a little surprised by all the curse words!  Funny, I don't remember those from my childhood viewings at all!

*I choose not to ever serve anything that Harris can't have due to an allergy because I figure that his own home should be the one place that he never feels he's missing out on food.  

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  1. What a special mom it takes to hunt for a way to have mock popcorn. That's just great effort. And it looks so authentic!


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