Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Once in a Blue Moon

Did you know that last night's full moon was a Blue Moon?  A Blue Moon occurs when there is a second full moon during a month, a relatively rare occurrence, and/or when there is a fourth full moon in a season, also a rare occurrence.  Since the next Blue Moon won't happen until July 2015, we thought we should celebrate now!  For our dinner, I made us a Man on the Moon pizza.  I used the recipe here and added mushroom and olive facial features.  It was a hit!  Bryce and I also enjoyed a Blue Moon brew!

For dessert, the children made a moon phase chart with Oreos.  It was easy and I believe they actually learned something!

Perhaps the most memorable part of our celebration was piling into the truck, right around normal bedtime, and finding a field to lie in the back of the truck and moon-gaze.  Watching the moon rise above the trees as we hunkered down with pillows, blankets and a million crickets was special indeed.


  1. You never stop amazing me!! Love it! EVery detail!

  2. You came up with such interesting ways to connect with the blue moon. It would be hard to choose a favorite. 'Your moon' reminds us of the three beautiful evenings we enjoyed the moon and moonlight while camping recently. Isn't the moon great!


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