Sunday, August 18, 2013

An Epiphany about Fashion

At the very beginning of the summer I had a sort of epiphany in regards to Grace and fashion.  That morning, before school, I had gotten frustrated with her because she didn't want to wear a darling flowered shirt that I had bought for her.  When a friend stopped by later that morning I held up the shirt and said something along the lines of, "look how cute this is, why wouldn't she want to wear it?"  In which Gretchen responded, "It's really cute and I can absolutely see you wearing it.  But Grace?  No."

I have to tell you that her response absolutely stopped me in my tracks and made me realize that I truly was trying to dress Grace as I would like her to dress and as a reflection of my style and not her own.  For now, Grace is most comfortable in cut off jeans and t-shirts, adventure pants and a favorite zip-up hoodie, and her favorite one piece swim-team bathing suit with a swim shirt that I never intended to last longer than a vacation (we forgot ours and had to buy the only one Wal-Mart had!).   These clothing items make her feel most like her and they may not be what I envisioned (I dressed her in darling smocked dresses for the first 4 years of her life), but I am realizing, and trying to embrace, that they capture the exact spirit of my adventure loving, nature exploring girl.

Also?  I'm pretty happy that I'm not having to fight the "that is not appropriate for a girl your age" battle.  Or the "there is no way I'm going to spend that kind of money for an outfit" kind of battle!


  1. I can imagine that it would be hard to let go of the inclination that you can help them become little miniature "yous" with girls. This is one of the things that I daydreamed about having a girl for! Dressing them up, buying them darling dresses and outfits, decorating thier room. But it would be hard to let go of when it is time. I guess that is one small thing I won't have to endure having two boys. I love hearing about what it is like to have girls though, what a different adventure it is.

  2. I love this! You learn new things about your kids everyday!

  3. When Brooke decided that she only wore sports clothes....I about died! She would dress up for me...for church..and that was it! She has remained this way for 4 years! In some ways I'm thankful, because she is always modest! :) This year has been fun, as I see her experimenting with cute braids in her hair(because she has wore her hair in a ponytail with a headband...for 4 years too)...and wearing tennis skirts instead of long basketball short! :)


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