Monday, August 12, 2013

Blueberries and Birds

Several years ago, we planted blueberry bushes in the children's garden which to our delight has actually produced berries (though the bushes themselves are rather straggly).  Unfortunately, to our disappointment, the birds have also been delighted by those berries. Even though the bushes have produced we haven't gotten any!  So this year we tried to take preventative action by putting up screens so that the birds didn't get to the berries.  We used bamboo, terra cotta pots and screen and it even looked rather darling in the garden- though it didn't stop the birds from getting the berries!  Grace thinks the weave was too wide, I think perhaps the netting was still too close to the bushes and Harris believes the birds just have it out for us.  Oh well, we went and picked quarts of blueberries at a local pick your own but next year we are determined to out wit those birds!

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