Thursday, May 31, 2012


Last summer, we added some roses to our yard since I have a very hard time resisting anything that is ruffly, pretty and lovely smelling!  These roses were in addition to some Knockout Roses and a few David Austin roses that I had planted the year before.

I currently have a love/hate relationship with the roses.  The love comes into play anytime I catch a glimpse of the beautiful flowers that adorn the bushes.  The hate is caused by having lost one to Rosette disease and black spot fungus invading some of the bushes.  Oh, and did I mention that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to proper rose care?  But every time I think that I'm completely done with roses, they bloom and I fall in love all over again!

Several summers ago, we added a small shed to the yard.  I envisioned a climbing rose bush on the shed, but I never could have expected it to do as well as this New Dawn.  It was just planted last summer!

If anyone has rose wisdom to share please do so!


  1. I love that you cut and enjoy your blooms in a vase. I haven't convinced myself I'd enjoy them as much as cut flowers, tho every time I see yours I think I should give it a try. The roses that were established when we chose to live here are blooming, but are red. Not my favorite and not nearly as lovely as the pink shades. What great progress that plant by the shed has made since last year! You must be doing something right! I just feed our roses as directed on the box, and make sure the roots don't get too wet. When we planted a rose at the farmstead, I mixed sand with the soil and it did well.

  2. Here is my Rose wisdom, "Good Luck"!
    Seriously, I had the same results, my climbing roses were great, but the bushes were plagued by all sorts of problems. I guess you can't have too much invested in them or else they will break your heart.

  3. I will be so happy the day that I can actually give you gardening tips! That will be a day of celebrating!!!
    Your roses are gorgeous!
    If you ever need tips on growing weeds...I'm your girl!


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