Sunday, June 3, 2012

National Trail Day

Yesterday, because it was beautiful, because it was National Trail Day, and because we were craving a bit of family adventure, we went on a hike at a local park.  In honor of National Trail Day our community had organized a hike and we were happy to participate.  The children ran ahead, we lagged behind and learned about the birds, trees and plants surrounding the trail.  It was fun and made us realized we should do it more often!


  1. Have to agree that a hike is a super way to spend family time. Nice 'toady' and shirt Harris has. That hydration pack isn't bad either. Looks like Grace has good balance. Hope she didn't skin those bare legs. I spent an amazing number of hours out-of-doors the past five days. Don't want to pass up a single moment of the pleasant temps, greenery, peacefulness, and songs of birds.

  2. Now that is a National day I hate to miss! But I did! :( I love guys know how to make everything look amazing!


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