Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Is anyone else stunned that it's already time to pull out pool towels and swimsuits?

We've had such a great couple of days, with a perfect balance of work and play.  Our weekend included working in the yard, ice cream, a sleepover (that's pretty rare for us), dinner with friends, an outdoor movie night with friends, a Memorial Day parade and fun at the pool.  It was all pretty great.


  1. I'm stunned!
    Time is going way too fast!!!

  2. Glad to see how you all are enjoying the out-of-doors. After Al returns from ND and we are done entertaining guests, we will be home for a month to enjoy enjoy our weather and yard (discounting a 4-day camp trip). The flower bed is beautiful right now. Good to see Harris in his scouting garb.


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