Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Screened Porch

The screened in porch has slowly been evolving into the space that I envisioned it to be!  We've had a fair amount of opportunities to enjoy it this spring and it has been wonderful.

When I first ordered the whicker furniture for the porch I was worried that it would feel too tight.  Then when the furniture arrived I was even more worried that it was too tight and I had made a huge mistake.  I kept wondering why it didn't fit quite the way I had placed it (especially since I had tested it out with newspaper) and then it hit me.  I forgot to factor in the fireplace hearth.  Oops.  Not once did I consider that we had to have a rather deep hearth due to code.  Therefore, the love-seats could not be pushed as far into the corner as I would have liked.  So we made do.  One sofa covers up a door a little more than I would like but it's turned out to be fine.  And the sofas?  They are so comfortable.  Naps will be taken, books will be read and chatting will be done- it's all going to be fine.

I absolutely love and adore the table that sits in between the love-seats and in front of the fireplace.  Kathleen and I found it at an antique store and both loved it right away.  She couldn't take it home on the plane with her, so I got it.  She might still be a little bitter.  Isn't it fabulous?

We brought out a cabinet that had been sitting in our basement.  The base holds stereo equipment and the top holds games, blankets and serving pieces to use on the porch.

 All in all, we are thrilled with our porch and are anxious to really start breaking it in!


  1. Beyond lovely!!! I could spend allllll day and night there... No need to ever leave.

  2. It's beautiful. Nice you had an early spring so you've been enjoying it awhile. So bright and inviting. I've always loved porches of all varieties and have missed you not having one like you enjoyed at your first home.

  3. It turned out so great!!!!! I love that fireplace!!!! I need to clean out our enclosed front porch which is currently holding my husbands weight set!!!!! Luckily he joined a health club that he loves and now we can sell it!!!!!! I have been envisioning a porch swing in its place,lol!!!!! Love your home,Blessings,Sara

  4. Love the cow print--it's perfect there. And I have the same "ants" at the cabin--great in the windowsill! It's a lovely spot for coffee and conversation!

  5. I wish we could come visit and spend the day out there! Maybe next year!

  6. I love this space! Looks so peaceful. Especially love the Tolix chairs around your table. Love that you have froggies on your you.


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