Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Hammock

Last Father's Day, I gave Bryce a really lovely hammock and not until this past weekend did we get around to putting it up!  Part of the problem was that we don't really have an ideal spot in the yard to put the hammock.  We knew that unless it was fairly shaded it wouldn't get used too often, but we only have one tree that is large enough to hold a hammock.  In order to use that tree a post needed to be cemented in to attach the other end of the hammock too.  Which is exactly what we (meaning Bryce) did.  It looks great where it ended up and it's very relaxing!

I found that it is the perfect spot to watch some baseball playing...

or gaze at the tree canopy!

Our only problem is that the hammock has stretched and now the occupants bottom is merely inches from the ground!  So we will either have to figure out a fix or just live with it!


  1. This is awesome!
    Your yard is gorgeous!
    We say a bunch of kids at a park...all of them with hammocks..and ever since I have decided I need to buy a hammock..that the kids can put up in parks..and other random places! :)

  2. That certainly IS annoying about the hammock droop. Didn't think of that never having owned one. Looks like a beautiful relaxing spot tho, and a good vantage point. The pink peonies are lovely. Glad you still have a few to enjoy. Our white one is just now coming into bloom. Would welcome a blog on your blooming plants.


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