Thursday, May 24, 2012

Portrait of a House

Last fall, the children's school held an auction to help raise money for the PTO.  At the auction I bid on, and won, a watercolor painting of our house!  I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate being done with the addition/renovations.

Just last week I received the finished project, and I couldn't be happier with the results.  I think the artist did an absolutely beautiful job.  Bryce and I think it looks better than our actual house (it helps that she combined blooming seasons!).

We hung the picture in the mudroom bathroom, and it adds a colorful touch that was lacking in there!


  1. How fantastic! What a cool picture to have.

  2. Your home is beautiful!
    That is such a great idea!

  3. This is so beautiful!! It would be so cool to have one of each house you live in & place them all together.

    Not Exactly What I Planned...

  4. How wonderful! You have a beautiful home.

  5. The watercolor is amazing! I've tried my hand at watercolor and can appreciate the experience/talent it took for this detailed rendering. Just lovely, and such a keepsake.


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