Saturday, March 3, 2012

Amazing Grace

Hello there!  We got back late last night after spending the past week skiing and vacationing in Utah.  The best part of the whole vacation was that we traveled with Kathleen and her family!  We had an amazing time!

While we were there, Grace turned 10!  I can hardly believe that she is in the double digits and is only three short years away from being an official teenager.  We are so proud of who Grace is and are honored and blessed to be her parents!  Here's the annual list of reasons (just a few!) we love Grace...

She claims that Angela Lansbury is her favorite actress and Andy Griffith is her favorite actor (Murder She Wrote and Matlock!).  We owe this to her Grandma.

She has an amazing imagination.  She is currently enthralled with the Percy Jackson series and has spent many hours playing and creating based around this series.  She has spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how she can get her hands on a celestial steel sword.  She is always fully committed to the imaginary world that she creates!  

She is a voracious reader.  

She loves the water and would literally spend all her time in a pool if she could.

She knows her limits.  She will say no to things (art class, soccer, etc.) because she wants to have free time at home.

She loves her stuffed mouse, Moushka.  In fact, Moushka comes with us on most activities and is almost always appropriately accessorized.

Grace is a writer.  She has written poetry, short stories and a series of novels.  And they are actually good.

She still marches to the beat of her own drum.  She has yet to start worrying about what others think about how she dresses, what she does, or how she plays.  I pray that she never does.  

She loves her family.  She was recently given the option to have a friend over to spend the night, but she asked if she could spend the night with her Grandma instead so that they could have some alone time together.

She believes in magic; really believes.


  1. She sounds like an angel!
    She also sounds just like one of my angels...Chelsea! :)

    Utah??? I have a ton of family there...and my youngest sister is about to get married there...on March 17th! :( Why sad? Because I am going to miss baby is due on the 8th...and I always go over! It's so sad!

    I'm glad your trip was fun!

    Happy Birthday Grace!

  2. Happy Birthday Grace! You really are amazing.
    -Aunt Leah

  3. How special! She sounds like an awesome little chick! I hope she never learns to care what other people think either.

  4. What a lovely lovely little lady. She is going to do great and wonderful things in this world!!!!!


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