Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Thing #19

Over a year ago I purchased a Cath Kidston bag for my sister because it had a darling London scene on it, and Delita has always had an affinity for London.  When it arrived from across the pond it still had it's security tag on it!  When I called to inquire about it and let them know the situation they were very helpful and sent a new one out right away.  They also told me to not bother sending the old one back (probably because of the expense of sending it internationally?).  I thought it was a shame to waste a cute bag, so I took it around to stores hoping that someone would be able to take off the tag.  Finally, I found a machine that was able to do it!  I love this bag- the colors are adorable, the print is darling, it's nice and roomy and it zips!  Plus, it's oilcloth so it doesn't stain!  I've used it as a purse in NYC, a carry-on to Utah and an overnight bag as well!  And I always get compliments on it!


  1. You were SUPPOSED to have that bag! Great diligence to get the tag removed and well worth it. Love the scene and colors. Never would have imagined using oil cloth to make a bag.

  2. That is adorable!
    You seriously have the coolest bags! I love that you post them and where you get them!


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