Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mirror on the Wall

A few weeks ago when we were in NYC, Gretchen and I came upon an antique mirror that Gretchen insisted we buy because it was a great price, it had a bow and it was a really neat shape.  We figured one of us could find a place for it!  The funny thing is that we found it early on in our trip, so we lugged it around everywhere we went in the city!

I ended up being the lucky gal who kept it.  I hung it in the new bathroom in the vanity area.

The mirror has a lot of knicks and scratches but I tend to think they add to it's charm.  Plus, it still has it's old glass!


  1. I like it! - and the spot you found for it. We have an antique mirror on which the silvering had degraded. We were dating and each of us wanted to own it. I was kindly allowed the purchase and, of course, now we both own it. We've left it as is too.

  2. I'm sensing a trend... your friends find great deals and then they all end up at your house...interesting

  3. Kathleen- That made me laugh out loud! I am enjoying that table....

  4. Another great detail for your gorgeous home!

  5. I can't imagine getting rid of the foxing!The past makes life more interesting.

    When I was growing up, I would often stare at the mirror of the dresser that my mother had refinished for me; it has dots in the corner that look just like a beautiful mouse from the Tailor of Gloucester.

  6. Kate- I'm so happy to now know what foxing is and your right the past does add a certain something to life doesn't it!


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