Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dog Sledding in Utah

Grace has always been infatuated with Huskies and dog sledding.  She's read a lot about both and has dreamed of sledding and visiting Alaska.  On our trip to Utah we were able to help her realize her dream of sledding (Alaska will have to wait awhile!).  On the day she turned 10 we surprised her with a dog sledding adventure!  It was such a joy to watch her take it all in and enjoy herself so much!

Here's a little video of the sled running.  These dogs were so beautiful as they moved as one!  It was amazing and thrilling to be a part of!  (I have no idea why it is so small!)


  1. That is so cool. She will always remember her 10th birthday!

  2. What fun! What a great experience for them!

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