Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vintage Ribbon

Whew.  It has really been a whirl-wind few weeks!  Everything has been loads of fun, but now I'm feeling very not caught up!  Laundry has piled up, dust bunnies are in abundance, pictures need to be sorted and emails are out of control (mostly spam I think!).

Following right on the heels of our Utah trip, I went to New York City for an overnight trip.  One of our stops was a trim store in the fashion district.  It was like a candy store of ribbon, trim and pretty things.  We thought we might be in heaven.  I was so sorry that I didn't have a camera but we shall be returning soon (we were running behind and only got a very short time in the store!).  I bought this 3 inch wide vintage ribbon,  it's from the 1950's and is unlike any ribbon I've ever held.  It sort of glows and feels heavy and silky in your hand.  I know that sounds over the top but it's true.  Can someone please explain to me why they can't make things like this anymore?  I asked the clerk how they find these vintage items and she told me that they are all from the store.  The owners grandfather opened the store over 80 years ago and has kept all the inventory over the years.  Can you imagine?  It was fabulous.


  1. That is some gorgeous ribbon!!!! I love the color and can just imagine how it feels. Was the store M&J Trimmings? I would love to go there some day!

  2. That is amazing!
    Sounds like your having a blast...I'm just sitting around waiting for the baby to come! I would love to be shopping vintage in New York! :)

  3. Nina- It was Tinsel Trading Co. but I really want to go to M&J too!


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