Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grace's Tea Party

Grace's tea party on Saturday was absolutely lovely!  The girls that attended were so sweet and a real pleasure to spend a few hours with.  Since Grace is turning 10, I wanted to make sure that the tea was sweet but also that it felt like it was meant for older girls and not princessy or cutesy in any way.  We kept everything really simple and focused mainly on the food and drink.

I have to be honest.  I've wanted to make this teapot cake for a very long time (it's from MS Kids).  It's just so sweet and feminine.  I love how it turned out!

I was doubtful that the girls would want to drink tea, so I made sure that I also had apple juice.  However, the girls totally surprised me by drinking lots of tea!  We had to brew extra pots!  I think that the rose sugar cubes that I made helped.  And the chocolate stirrers!  My friend Cathy let me borrow her beautiful collection of teacups.

For finger sandwiches, I made cucumber, chicken salad and jelly sandwiches.  I also served scones, clotted cream and lemon curd.  Strawberries were also a hit.

Bryce and Harris were the tea attendants.  Harris took his job very seriously.

I must say that the girls took the tea with all seriousness.  They used their very best manners and were so kind to each other in their conversations and interactions with each other.  I feel very blessed that Grace has made such good friends.

When the girls first arrived they spent a little time decorating a plain paper mache purse.  We put out glitter pens, stickers and jewels for them to use in their decorating.  These were also their favor that they took home.  Inside, we tucked candy rings, sweet pencils and lollipop teapots.

I considered purchasing white gloves and bonnets for each child but I honestly couldn't justify spending the money on things that they would most likely never use again.  Instead, I bought bracelets and fun hair accessories at Target.  They picked out what they wanted and wore them throughout the tea and then they got to take them home.


  1. Adorable! Those girls(and Grace) are going to remember that for quite some time!

  2. What a beautiful party! and you MADE that CAKE?? a real work of art :)

  3. Ohhh what a splendid event!!!! The most precious and perfect tea party ever!!!! I love the attendants... I love the cake... Love it all.

  4. Perfect, as always....loved all of the details and that cake!!! I think you need to become a party planner or open a bakery. ;)

  5. Just darling! I am having a tea party this weekend too! Except mine is a baby shower. I love the flower sandwiches... I may have to steal that idea. Grace is so lucky. It looked like a great party!

    The cake was was all the food!
    I can't imagine a better tea party!!!

  7. Seriously, that cake wasn't purchased ? ! Marvelously done. No wonder you were anxious for it. Love the purse decorating and those lovely ladies. What a nice touch for the tea party to include gentleman attendants.

  8. Grace's Tea Party was awe inspiring. Each and everything in this bash is wonderful. That cake is very pretty and I just can’t have the heart to cut it out. Well done dear! At one of the local New York venues even I threw a princess party for my daughter’s 8thbirthday which was also very adorable.


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