Saturday, February 11, 2012

100 Day Cookie Number Line

Yesterday, Harris' class celebrated 100 days in school.  For their celebratory snack I had the idea that I wanted to make a number line with cookies.  I'm not sure that anyone would guess that it was a number line, but I thought it was cute nonetheless.  For the line I used a long lollipop stick and since I couldn't stomach cutting out all those little arrows, I used teeny, tiny hearts (I have a small punch).  Also, the dough was too thin to thread through the dough so I just squashed it on top of the stick.  It worked out great- they baked right on!  My favorite thing about this little cooking project was that Harris rolled out the dough and cut each of the numbers out.  He's a great helper!


  1. Masterfully done. Please share the recipe for the dough that when baked maintains its shape. Harris is surely becoming a jack of all trades!

  2. Darling! And, a great idea!!! Love it.

  3. This is another adorable idea! I love when our kids help us!


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