Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snowman Hot Cocoa Stirrers

We've been getting a gentle snowfall since this afternoon!  Naturally, this means that the children wanted to play outdoors for a while after school.  After they came in and had a warm bath they were ready for some hot cocoa.  I think a snowfall always calls for a little something special so I made snowman sticks for the cocoa.  I got the idea out of the December issue of Martha Stewart Living, but realized quickly that I would just have to make mine up as I went along.

For each snowman, I used two large marshmallows and one small, taking a little bit off of the middle one. I stuck nonpareils in for the buttons, eyes and nose.  The hat is a Junior Mint and the scarf is a Starburst*. I discovered that running the skewer through hot water (and quickly drying it), before threading the marshmallows on, makes it a much easier job.  Also, I used the skewer to poke the holes where the nonpareils went.

*Did you know that if you melt a Starburst in the microwave for a few seconds that you can shape it into all sorts of things?


    Junior mints are my favorite....good pick for the hat! :)

  2. Perfect! Wish I had seen them before our winter onederland party!

  3. This is such a divine idea! I adore your creativity and your general style of motherliness! xxx

  4. Yummy! Adorable! Fun! Just perfect for hot choc. That warm bath sounds heavenly too!!!


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