Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Favorites

Here are some of my favorite things from our Valentine's Day...

Heart Cereal (that is corn free!) for breakfast 

Sparkly heart shoes (they are clip-ons!)

An after school snack

A trail of kisses, leading to even more kisses.

Individual heart pizzas 

and doughnuts that my Mom brought to dinner.


  1. I love everything about your day and must get some of those heart clip ons for my shoes next year!!!! So cute!!!

  2. Love your heart shaped day! The cookies and milk was my favorite part :)

  3. What a beautiful Valentines!
    I love the shoes!
    Everything was awesome!

  4. You make every holiday so special!!!!! I bought that same cereal... It is pretty yummy... Of course I only bought it because of the hearts.... Hehehe...


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