Monday, February 6, 2012

A Romantic Getaway

This weekend Bryce and I took a little romantic getaway to Bedford Springs Resort.  To say that it was wonderful is an understatement.  The hotel went through a major renovation five years ago and they left no detail unaccounted for, all the while keeping it's historic significance fully intact and honored.  We had such a lovely and beautiful time there!

Here are some highlights (mingled with pictures of the resort)... 

Our view of Evitts Mountain and the springs pavilion.

Our room opened to a large, shared front porch.

The hallway outside the ballroom and the stairs leading to the lobby.

There are two fireplaces in the lobby that are always burning.  The resort offers tea at 4 and everyone congregates by the fireplaces!

The resort first began purely as a medicinal haven for wealthy families.  They flocked to Bedford to partake in the health benefits of the 8 springs on property.

Bryce and I ate all our meals on property (they have several different eateries).  Our first evening we had a delicious meal at the 1796 House.  

On Saturday morning we woke up to snow falling!  It last all day and it was magical!

We walked to each of the springs and then hiked around a trail on Evitts mountain.  

 After our hike, we got coffee and sat by the fire.  My camera lens was fogged up from the temperature difference!

 The resort offers a historic tour of the hotel which we loved going on.  It was fun to learn about all the different stages of the hotel.  Afterwards, we got tea and played some Scrabble!

On Sunday morning, before we headed home, we indulged ourselves with a trip to the spa.  It was the most beautiful spa I have ever been too!  


  1. Wow...that does look like such a romantic getaway!! (my weekend was the exact opposite of a romantic getway...hehe)


  2. A lovely album of your weekend. How nice of you to share it with us, Anna. You two were overdue. Send some of that snow our way. We didn't get the Denver dumping.

  3. What a wonderful time! Your photos are great, so happy you were able to get away for the weekend :)

  4. Amazing!
    I really need to take a romantic get away! This place is perfect!
    My oldest daughter, Brooke, is sitting behind..enjoying your blog ..and sang..."she want to go on a romantic getaway...but she's too scared!"
    Is that a challenge???? :)

  5. woweee! what a get-a-way! What a wonderful place to enjoy each other!!!


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