Thursday, January 28, 2010


* Yesterday, as we were driving down the road Harris exclaimed that he saw a "moon cloud." I looked over and sure enough the little wisp of a cloud looked like a moon. Don't you think it does? I've labeled him a creative genius.

* I've been reading a lot. Bryce and I have unintentionally given up watching tv. There just doesn't seem to be anything on that is good! Suggestions are welcome. I've probably never told you that I have a problem when it comes to reading. I get so absorbed that I can't pace myself and can't make myself put the book down. I'm pretty sure that I have been like this since I was a teenager (right Mom?). Anyway, I'm embroiled in the Outlander Series and have just finished The Help. Great books.

* We did manage to watch a movie over the weekend, The Hangover. Have you seen it? I laughed until tears were pouring down my face. Seriously funny.

* Harris had his first round of allergy testing for EE today. The appointment went well. He still tested allergic to peanuts (I was hoping he had outgrown that!) and also had reactions to wheat and meat. They probably will also want to cut out dairy. Here's my question. If you can't eat meat, wheat or dairy what do you eat????? We don't have to change his diet until we have completed phase two of the testing. I'm so thankful that Harris has had no symptoms for 3 months. Of course that makes it difficult to think that there is anything wrong! I worry because Bryce and I have tried so hard to expose Harris and Grace to lots of different foods so that they would not be picky eaters. Now I feel like we are going to make him a picky eater!

* Remember the project we started back in December? It's almost done! I'm giddy every time I look at it. It seriously makes me (and the children) happy.

* A most exciting and wonderful thing happened last night. Bryce's sister, Leah, and her husband Aaron became parents to a beautiful baby girl! Her name is Adeline Elizabeth. Isn't that such a nice name? I cannot wait to hold her!


  1. I love reading your blog. The fun things you do with your family are inspiring. My daughter was just diagnosed with Celiac disease....she can't eat gluten (wheat). We can still do dairy but my husband is a vegan by choice so were working with that too. Considering checking out the cookbook BabyCakes. It is filled with lots of pretty pictures and yummy gluten and dairy free recipes. This won't help with dinner but it will help with snacks. However, there are tons of gluten free pastas out there that will work for dinner. We are so new at this...less than a month but learning a lot fast. I am sure you will too. Good luck. And again....I love reading your blog.

  2. How astute of Harris. Anxious to see the completed 'project'. Hope you have to withhold only one thing at a time from Harris' diet. Perhaps you are watching tennis........


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