Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ice skating

I've been a teeny bitter for the last 30 years that I didn't turn out to be the beautiful and graceful figure skater that I was sure was my destiny. I've often blamed my Mother for not being willing to get up at 4 in the morning to take me to practice and devoting our lives and finances to my destiny. I've put aside the pesky and persistent reminders that I in no way showed any aptitude for skating or that I lived in Florida and didn't have any rinks that were convenient to us. There's also the fact that every time I get on the ice I'm wobbly and my feet start to hurt about 5 minutes into skating. But I still think I could have won gold!

Yesterday, we went ice skating. It was only Grace's second time on skates and Harris' first. I'm amazed at how fast they pick it up! When we first got on the ice Harris was not altogether excited to keep going because he was so off balance. Two hours later he was getting around without any help and was enjoying falling as much as the skating!

Grace was also fairly comfortable on the ice. She met a new friend while skating and they spent a lot of time going around the rink together.

Harris has already asked me today if he can take lessons to learn to skate better. I asked him if he wanted to learn to figure skate or play hockey. His answer, "I just want to go really fast." Maybe speed skating is in his future?


  1. Great pictures, Anna! Kelly's Son, Austin (he was 8 in Dec.) has had his first two lessons--he is supposedly going to learn to do ice hockey, but they start with just skating. He was the same way--they just went skating a couple of times and he became really enthralled with it. We'll see--NC is only slightly better than Florida for a career on the ice...

  2. Oh my! What super pictures of the ice adventures. The children look so happy to be on skates. Maybe Grace will assume your aspirations to be a skating star....and surely Harris will soon skate "very fast". It's great they enjoy such a wide variety of sports so young.

  3. That was Gran's comment, not Grandpas.


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