Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boot Print

I love it when you find a treasure in an unexpected place. Linda, one of my Mom's lifelong friends, sent this card to my Mom because of the cute picture on the front. They both thought that it would look cute framed. I found a teeny, tiny frame and put it in the mudroom right beside our own boots. It's super cute, and I love its petite size. Thanks Linda!


  1. So cute...perfect for a mud room. It is POURING here...I need some of those cute boots:)

  2. What a nice surprise! I did love that little card and immediately thought of you, since your Mom had always told me of your "frog fetish"! I'm delighted to see that you used it in exactly the way I had hoped you would! Cute and in the perfect spot!

  3. nice post. thanks.


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