Friday, January 15, 2010

Laundry Room Details

In fixing up the laundry room I've tried to pay attention to what would make it a truly well functioning room. The details are what makes the biggest difference (isn't this true for most things?). By adding better lighting it made it so much easier to see stains and dirt and having a nice sink makes cleaning ever so much easier. But also the small things have made a big impact. I've hung a pair of scissors next to the washer and dryer and this has made clipping tags of off clothes simpler. I've got a laminated stain chart also hanging on a hook and a jar to collect bits and bobs left in pockets. To me having these have made getting laundry done easier and a bit more enjoyable.

Two of my favorite details are the dry cleaning bag and using dry erase markers on the freezer.
I ordered the canvas bag from Lands End and had it embroidered with it's purpose. It's so easy to throw our dry cleaning in and pick-up tags can go right in the front pocket. It doesn't hurt that it's cute either! Also, I discovered that dry erase markers work on the front of our freezer. I can keep a running list of what we have in there and the children will often provide some colorful artwork for me.

P.S. I'm not sure if dry erase markers work on the front of all refrigerators or not. We also have a fridge in the basement and the marker took more effort to get off then it does on the freezer.


  1. I love the Dry Cleaning bag! Your nice laundry room is making me depressed that I have to go down to my dreary basement to do our laundry.

  2. Very cool. Our freezer has a textured surface so our 'list' has been on a piece of paper on top. Recently Al was sorting and found a small dry erase board he mounted on the wall by the freezer. Isn't being organized great!


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