Thursday, January 14, 2010

Laundry Room Fix-Up- Part 2

Thank you for the kind comments about our laundry room spruce up! I didn't get pictures of the "before" area and as I went through this next group of pictures I was a bit disappointed because the pictures don't look nearly as great as it actually feels to me. Does that make sense? I guess that because I know where it was 9 months ago, this is a huge difference. But it's still very much a basement laundry area. No matter though, it's a 100% improvement!

Our laundry area is at the foot of the stairs in a corner of our basement. We thought about moving it closer to get better access to plumbing (we have to have a pump) but it's super convenient where it is and I loved the sink that was already there. In trying to spruce up the laundry room we realized that it was important to make the area feel like it was a room and not just a corner of a larger area. To do this we added metal shelving to store things that are frequently used. These shelves act as a "wall" and hold all sorts of things! Previously, the area only had one lightbulb so Bryce put in two new lights that brightened the whole area. He also painted the bare concrete floor.

We were fortunate that there was a wonderful cast iron sink already in the area. We were unfortunate in that it was really, really nasty and uninviting (not to mention didn't work). But as gross as the sink was I loved the idea of the sink and how wonderfully practical it really was. Therefore, we went ahead and had it reglazed and the difference is truly amazing. It's like a brand new sink! Bryce replaced the faucets and redid the plumbing to the sink. My Mom made an adorable skirt that serves the purpose of looking really sweet and hiding the rather ugly legs and wall under the sink! Above the sink we hung the shelf that was in the nursery when the children were babies. I really must admit that I LOVE the sink and the skirt - it makes me smile every time I look at it!

The carpet tiles that we put down are Flor (which we have used in two other locations in our home) and I love how they look. I ordered two different color greens and they are put in a checkered pattern. Honestly, the floor is what has made the biggest difference. Before, I couldn't run down barefoot and if I dropped something after it had been washed I always had to wash it again! With the stairs being freshly painted (and clean) and a new floor down I feel like it's an en extension of the house - not a room to to avoid.


  1. super wow!! great job!! I think this is coolest room yet!

  2. It looks great! I love the green! And the sink looks great.

  3. you guys have a great eye! it looks beautiful - well done!!!!

  4. The sink is just perfect!! I love it all.


  5. That sink looks positively charming! The gleaming white and the striped skirt! And I love flor tiles. They are the best!!!

  6. Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.


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