Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

One of the (few) downsides to where we live is the lack of diversity within our immediate community. Therefore, I thought it was important to take a few minutes today, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, to talk to the children about who he was and what he did for our nation. Of course I turned toward books to help me.

We started with A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. by David Adler. This picture book is very straight forward and gives a basic explaination of the man and what he did. It was a good starting off point for discussion, and I was surprised at how many questions the children had. They had a difficult time understanding why there was racism in the first place.

I Have a Dream recites the exact speech that Dr. King gave in Washington. I'm sure that there was a lot that the children did not understand (many big words and big ideas) but they seemed to have gotten the basic message. I think that it helped that we watched a video of his speech afterwards.


  1. Good for you, Anna. If more parents would share this kind of thing with their young children, eventually our world would be a better place.

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