Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vintage Finds

This weekend I went to pick out paint colors for our porch (more on that later), and I had an opportunity to run in one of my favorite antique stores. While there, I found two tablecloths for my table (vintage) that we bought for our front porch. Perhaps I've seen too many beautiful table settings in Martha, but I have a fantasy of having the perfect tablecloths and table settings for every occasion. I feel like I got one step closer to that dream! Never mind that I can barely get the table set most of the time! As a bonus, my mom found a flower frog at a garage sale for 50 cents (she is the queen of good finds) and got it for me. I had recently seen some flower frogs at an antique store for $18 apiece. I wish that it would help to fulfill my dream of being able to put beautiful flower arrangements together, but alas, try as I might I can't seem to get the hang of that. The flower frog is a step in the right direction I suppose.

The flowers are printed on this tablecloth. I thought it would be fun because it has red and sage - the color of the furniture and pillows on our front porch.

The flowers are embroidered on this one, which makes it really lovely. This makes me think of having girls over for lunch with a bouquet of flowers on the table.

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  1. If you invite me to lunch I will bring the flowers!


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