Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fairy House

Grace is in love with fairies.  I think she really wants to believe that they are real and magical.  She is desperate for a fairy to present itself.  Truth be told, I really wish one would.  
A year ago, Grace received the DVD Kristen's Fairy House which is about a girl who travels with her aunt (Tracy Kane) to an island where fairy houses are built.  Grace loves this DVD, and I love that she loves it because it is so uncommercial and pure.  There is also a book by Tracy Kane called "Fairy Houses Everywhere" that we picked up in the library.  This book is filled with the most wonderful photographs of actual fairy houses.  I have been surprised at how much time Grace has spent studying the photos.  She also has sketched out a fair number of designs.   
On our last day in Colorado Grace got her opportunity to build one in Gran's garden.  It became a group effort as the woodmen (Granpa and Harris) built custom features for the house.  Grace has strict standards in that everything in the house must be natural.  Of course.    

It's difficult to see but this is an overall picture of the fairy house.

Grace found the wood with the window on our camping trip.  The vines make a perfect window shade.

The entrance to the house.  Grandpa and Harris made the door.  Notice how it has a doorknob and even hinges!  The piece of knobby wood to the left is a bathtub for the fairies.

The squash is a bed for the fairies and the seashell is filled with water.  It functions as their pool to cool off in.  The rock is a stool in case the little ones can't reach.

Behind the fairy house is a gazebo and dance floor so that the fairies (this is a quote from Grace) can "dance by the light of the moon."  It's also for when the fairies just want to "hang out."

The cross represents the cemetery for fairies that have passed on (after many hundreds of years!).  

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  1. A cemetery and all...What a beautiful home for the fairies!


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